January 28, 2018
6pm - Midnight
(Center 615)

DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!!             


This year's performers
Greg Brenda
Dave Robin
2 piece
Stephon Shafer
All funds raised will go toward hurricane relief and California wildfire victims.

PR4PR is a grassroots organization with personal relationships with the communities hardest hit by Hurricane Maria. The hurricane brought terrible devastation to the island, but PR4PR mobilized a vast network of volunteers to deliver aid and relief to everyone in their reach, especially those who couldn't help themselves.

While the island is in havoc and the supplies can’t always get to the people who need them most, PR4PR is bridging the gap, and providing relief to these hard to reach communities. While Maria has moved on, she is not forgotten; Puerto Rico is still recovering. Your contribution will enable us to help them provide relief to those who need it most.

For more information on PR4PR and their relief efforts visit their website.

The Wildfire Relief Fund has supported those who were displaced or lost housing, belongings and/or employment, or suffered physical or mental health problems. The Fund has helped to rebuild homes; provided case management services, basic needs assistance, mental health services and financial assistance; assisted burn victims with follow-up medical care and supplies; provided respiratory equipment and information to people with lung disease; educated homeowners about green rebuilding; and provided disaster preparedness information.

For more info on the California Community Foundations Wildfire Relief efforts, visit their website.

Your donations to these worthwhile charities is appreciated, and will be collected at the door.

RSVP Required

email: rsvp@hollywoodmeetsnshville.com

or call 615-873-0116